Downloading and Executing a Torrent

Acting on your desires

Diablo II: A necessity

Really need to back up that new game you simply must have under all circumstances? For many big-time aficionados of titles like Diablo or Starcraft, it is of life-or-death importance that they have access to that game anywhere, anytime. So, backing it up is important, and the best way to do that these days is to download from a Torrent.

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If you have read our other pages in this guide, you've become familiar with downloading the official Bit Torrent program and the external sites that offer a plethora of files. But, how exactly do you physically download these movies, games, or songs? We haven't yet answered this, but luckily you've tuned in just at the right moment.

Using the Official Program

For this example, we're going to use the program given to us by the official Bit website. If you're interested in trying out some of the other programs offered by those who have manipulated the open-source software, then navigate to our page on this process.

With that said, we are using resources outside the limited Bit database to help you with the actual downloading procedure. Since there's so much more available out there, it's worth it for us to introduce all of you to some of these other sites. So, let's get started.

Once you have found the file you want, and you've clicked on the "download torrent" tab – in whatever form it might present itself – the file should move on over into your Bit Torrent downloader. If you've been following along, then this will be the small box you received after downloading the program from Bit

Within this, you should see the file you've selected. From left to right, the user will be presented with the name of the file, the progress, the estimated time remaining, the down rate (the pace at which it is flowing into your computer) and the priority of the download itself (which you can set based on how important receiving this file is in comparison with your other downloads).

Patience and Progress

Since you're probably quite familiar with the name of the file you've chosen to download, the most important information here is the progress bar. In many cases, it will appear red when the user first initiates the process. However, as the trackers (those you're downloading from) sync up with your computer, the bar will eventually change to a mix of green and white. This indicates that the download has begun, and it should only be a matter of time before you're playing re-runs of the Dukes of Hazzard on your laptop.

Depending on what you're downloading, the entire process can span anywhere from minutes to days. It really depend on whether you've chosen a music video or an entire CD. For even longer wait times, try something like a movie or recently released video games. Those are the big boys that will drag on for well over 24 hours.

Be patient: large downloads, like an entire season of a TV show, will take well over 24 hours to receive
So, if you decide to download something massive, expect that you'll be waiting a long time. Until the day when someone can teleport you the latest copy of your favorite movie, this is about as good as it gets without heading to your nearest Chinese-supplied department store.

If all goes well, you'll receive a message from the tiny green splash icon in the bottom right of your Windows toolbar letting you know that the download has successfully completed. Hurray! Click on that swirling Bit Torrent icon and you'll be presented with a whole new box. Exciting! This will clearly display the name of the file that has finished and its original size. There's a whole lot else going on here, though and this is one of the more important parts of the downloading process.

So, you've reached the end, my friend

The options towards the bottom of the Bit Torrent program box are those that provide information to the user as the download proceeds. At this point, since you've completed receiving the file, they aren't much use. The most important portal for you now is through the "Open Folder" button, which inconspicuously resides on the right hand side of the box.

Clicking here will send the user into the created "Bit Torrent Downloads" folder, which will house all of the files received via use of the official Bit program. Remember to check here every time you download a file, otherwise you'll be pursuing a fruitless journey into the unknown of your system's hard drive. In all likelihood, you'll be able to find the "Bit Torrent Downloads" folder within "My Documents", a popular nest for all of the average user's created and received files.

So, click away. You're now on your own, with the ability to view, play or listen to the file you selected to download. We hope that you've proceeded within the boundaries of the law, and we also hope you're happy with the end result.