External Bit Torrent Sites

An introduction to the scary world outside Bit Torrent.com

The thing with Bit Torrent is that it really is a massive open-source code (or matrix) that allows people to manipulate technology any which way they like. As a result, once you have the official Bit Torrent program, a whole new world awaits you outside of the official site.

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Now, hopefully we aren't confusing any of you newbies to the Torrent universe. Unfortunately -or fortunately - it's such a massive internet realm, navigating both Bit Torrent wares and even our guide can be a difficult adventure. We weren't kidding when we said this thing is comparable to both iTunes and World of Warcraft. In fact, by comparison those two internet sensations seem like tiny little insignificant domains.

Compared to the world of Bit Torrent,
World of Warcraft is unknown junk

So, yes, there is a world outside of the official Bit Torrent.com website. Many other websites make use of the technology – and the underground risk – and, surprisingly, many made some significant improvements to the framework. For example, although BitTorrent.com is anything but easy to navigate in the pursuit of movies or television shows, a third party site like Torrentz.com makes many of the most popular media files easier to find. In fact, its home page immediately thrusts a number of interesting links at the user, from Family Guy episodes to, yes, that Killers song I really wanted.

So, I made my first task the downloading of a little music. A 'lil something to get my head bobbing as I type this. Now, the issue to watch out for when using external Bit Torrents, like any peer-to-peer program, is the quality of music you'll find. It's less than likely anything is going to sound like the compact disc (you already own, right?), but instead will probably resemble something slightly superior to a radio edit.

If you aren't as familiar with bitrates, just know that 96 kb/s is a pretty grainy radio version of the song – something offered by a low-budget streaming online station – and as you move upwards things get better. You'll reach that CD-quality sound once you hit 320 kb/s, a long ways from 96. It's more than likely you're going to find a level of quality in between, however. The Killers tune I downloaded had a bitrate of 192 kb/s, which is a fair quality and worth checking out, so long as you aren't a freak about these things.

Torrentz.com is far from the only site in the Bit Torrent universe. Recent reports peg four completely unique sites amongst the most-viewed on the internet as a whole. That's right, the Bit Torrent protocol now has four pages in the top 500 most popular web sites, including:

  • Isohunt (439)
  • ThePirateBay (387)
  • TorrentSpy (218)
  • MiniNova (208)

Most, like MiniNova, have no ambitions of being the flashiest or most colorful sites on the internet. Instead, they are simple and offer no obstacles before quickly accessing a huge database of movies, games, and even anime.