Other Bit Torrent Programs

The Other, Other Bit Torrents

The days of free Limewire are no more….

Every amateur techie should know that Bit Torrent is much different than the peer-to-peer programs predating it, like Limewire, Kazaa, or Napster. These were important programs in exploring and expanding the file-sharing universe, but none had the internal structure of Bit Torrent. In addition, none offered the average developer the chance to manipulate the software. Why? Because none of the previously mentioned programs were "open source", meaning that they could not be edited to fit the ever-changing tastes of the general public.

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That made them easy prey for a number of attackers, but in the end it was a combination of viral threats and court demands that forced Limewire, Kazaa, and Napster to lose the massive popularity they once enjoyed.

It doesn't mean that Bit Torrent is perfectly safe from a host of separate or even similar issues, but it does mean that the system is a little better prepared for the future attacks that are sure to come its way.

…ditto for Kazaa

With all of that out of the way, the fantastic part of making Bit Torrent open source is that, well, there's simply more than one source available in pursuing the file you're looking for. You don't need to stick with one simple interface as required by previous peer-to-peer networks. Instead, you really can just take your bat and ball and go home. If you don't find what you like on MiniNova, then you can take your mouse and click over to Torrentz.com. It's that easy.

But, what other Torrents are out there? Surely, the few we've listed aren't the only ones available. Here's a list for those of you who are quickly becoming Torrent junkies.


Best Bit: Incorporates some of the most detailed statistics when downloading your selected file.


Best Bit: A peer-to-peer file sharing network completely compatible with Bit Torrent, Bitcomet.com is one of the most popular sites because it has a number of unique features. It won't take long on Bitcomet before you find chatting, comprehensive queues, and a fast distribution.

…while Napster’s popularity fizzled a long time ago


Best Bit: Although it look a whole lot like the official site, BitTorrent++ is actually an alternative to perusing the official site. Instead, it includes some more functionality at the cost of bugs and stability. Reports are to be careful with this one.


Best Bit: Attractive because it allows a user to view several transfers in one window. That's handy.

Burst Plus!

Best Bit: Simply adds Spanish language support. Important, though!

Eike Frost's Experimental client

Best Bit: This is a slight alteration of the original BitTorrent package, offering patches that allow for control of the upload rate and a display of statistics regarding other trackers and peers.

Bit Torrent is born

Personal Torrent Collector, or PTC

Best Bit: Interesting and unique additions make PTC worth visiting, including the ability to control the total bandwidth of a group of BitTorrent transfers.


Best Bit: Adds support to the original BitTorrent, but reports are that bugs exist within this relatively new host.

Yeah, now you're familiar with most of the big Torrent sites out there. You've even got a few tidbits of advice so that you can figure out which ones best suit your needs. In all likelihood, you probably don't have very unique demands if you're just starting with Torrents, but that's likely to change.