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By now you should have the Bit Torrent program installed on your computer. It's now time to look at some exciting things the protocol will give you the power to do. Can you handle that kind of authority? Let's see.

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You have probably installed Bit Torrent on your desktop, but if this isn't the case it could also be in the bottom right corner of your Windows screen along the utilities toolbar. It'll appear as a green splash, like an apple-green Starburst commercial, or something to that effect.

After double-clicking on the icon – be it on the desktop or toolbar – you'll be presented with a small and pretty simple box. Sizable buttons will allow you to access a few functions, including Add, Info, Pause, Open, and Remove. These are the actions you'll become familiar with as you begin downloading from the Bit Torrent protocol. We'll come back to this on another page.

Now, my first download – of that great game Civilization III – was found by simply clicking on the title through the easily accessible "Most Popular Downloads" chart on the Bit Torrent home page. You can find your own files by using the search tool at the top of the screen. Keep in mind that Bit Torrent mostly dabbles in the art of software and software-like applications, so it isn't as easy to find the latest video from The Killers. Although this could change with time, you'll find that the Bit Torrent search tool can be quite frustrating. So, if there is a piece of software you are keen on that you don't expect to be popular in the mainstream, there might just be a lengthy waiting period ahead.

Note : Make sure you're aware of the difference between your actual search results and the site's sponsored links. Hey, make no mistake – if you want to click on the links at the top and bottom of the page, which are much easier to decipher than file names, go ahead. It provides financial assistance to Bit Torrent and keeps the protocol going. But realize that those green-shaded boxes with very clear links are not the files you searched for, and will not end with a free download. Instead, your search for "Braveheart" will likely produce a whole lot of online DVD stores in the sponsored links section.

So, Bit's search is no Google. But, so long as you have a less-than-ignorant mindset when exploring the protocol's database, you should be able to find what you're looking for. There's a ton of stuff on Bit Torrent, from games to amateur videos, and it makes whiling away the hours online that much more interesting.

Despite the problems you – or I – might experience on the official Bit Torrent site, there are other options. A host of external pages make use of the Bit Torrent idea, including and . Check out our page on outside Torrent sourcesfor a more in-depth guide to using them.