Using External Bit Torrent Sites

Backing up your files in the wild blue yonder

So, we've explained exactly how you can use the official Bit website in order to keep a copy of those ultra-important PC games on your computer. Well, doing the same on a host of other sites – those outside the "official" landscape – offer a more open environment. It's both very rewarding and highly confusing, and as a result, this section of the guide might be the most helpful in navigating the immense Bit Torrent landscape.

Advertiser Links for Using External Bit Torrent Sites

First, on a few other pages we've mentioned the other external Bit Torrent sites that have become popular. If you missed that tidbit of information, or just weren't paying attention (naughty, you), we'll explain the best way to download on the best of the best:

  • launches the user into a rather confusing home page, full of news-related blog posts and external links. It's nothing you're really interested in, for now.
  • Click on the "Bit Torrent" text at the top of the screen once you're ready to search.
  • Once your search has produced results, you'll find that Isohunt has a pretty interactive way of downloading the file you're interested in. A box will open up showing the list of "trackers" (the users supplying your file), and a remarkably easy to find "download .torrent" button. Compared to some Torrent sites, this is an easy way to get the job started.
  • Although its interface was comparably inviting, Isohunt certainly wasn't easy to download from. We had some serious difficulty downloading a few files, something that was much easier to do on both and the official Bit website.
Try using Google to find your Torrents

TIP : Try Googling when first searching out these Torrents. Often, the hit will list a few internal options for the site. When we searched for "Torrentspy", seen below, the accompanying description included links to pages showing the latest torrents and others that gave comprehensive guides on where you can download unique torrent players.

This is open source, after all.

  • Rather than place the user at a site overflowing with simple text and amateur blog-like opinion, immediately presents one with a number of interesting files based on category.
  • You can click on anything in these categories, listed from anime to books to games and beyond. Or, you can expand these categories by clicking the tab below each.
  • Of course, there is the search at the top of the screen. Some interesting results are yours to be had here. A query for "Lost", ABC's popular prime time series, returned a number of French-language results and some very niche findings.

  • Although it doesn't feature the bulky and annoying forum that displays on its home page, is hardly a feast for the eyes. Instead, it presents the user with a giant chewed gumball of content, from ads in every direction to remote-but-recommended content for download.
  • The content on the home page is clearly geared towards humor. During my stay, it suggested two Simpsons episodes and a Daily Show clip. Don't be duped though – even if you like's "SpikedHumor", these are simply videos you'll be streaming to your computer.
  • So, although's homepage leaves the user wondering if it's really just a fly-by-night humor site, the search engine readily available at the top of the screen is quite useful. Unlike the competition, a search for "Killers" returned files that were clearly described and exactly what any fan might be searching for.
  • Beyond the front-line mess, is a good choice.

  • Although not in the top four Bit Torrent sites recently inducted into the Internet's top 500 most-viewed pages, is still a popular choice for downloaders. It was personally recommended by a colleague, so we thought it deserved a place here.
  • is not quite a real Torrents site. Well, there are Torrents to be had here, but it's actually a link page to other, more popular download pages. What this site accomplishes is an excellent resource for reliable downloads, as it routinely monitors the files it makes available through a search engine and useful home page links.
  • Sure, it isn't the prettiest home page. None of these Torrent sites are about to compete with's flash driven wonder-page. Still, the categories here are some of the most popular on the web, and each offer links to some reliable downloads.
  • Without a doubt, is a hidden gem. Although it hasn't yet broken the top 500 most-viewed sites like some of the competition listed above, it could soon.