Bose Headphones

Bose Headphones

High-end price for Best Buy quality

Bose is a speaker manufacturer who also makes headphones. Most would say their true craftsmanship lies in marketing and self promotion rather than manufacturing speakers. Bose has certainly created a sort of mystique around their products.

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A lot of noise is made of Bose headphones. Positive reviews of Bose Quiet Comfort2 noise canceling headphones and the awe casual consumers have for Bose headphones priced tantalizingly out of reach, give Bose a reputation that's tough to beat. Many Bose headphones do sound good and are well made, but in just about every price point there's a competing headphone from other, more respected headphone manufacturers that will beat it hands down. In the real world of high quality headphones names like Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic and Grado produce headphones that beat out the Bose competitor for any given price.

Bose Quiet Comfort 2 sound canceling headphones have met rave reviews as good sounding headphones for the weary traveler. The purpose of sound canceling headphones is to reduce the ambient noise while in flight allowing the listener to escape into an acoustically isolated environment. Sound cancellation will envelop the listener in up to a 10db cushion of sound from the outside world. This is enough to cancel out the murmur of crowds but not enough to cancel out a loud noise or someone trying to get your attention.

Sound cancellation is far from perfect from Bose or any manufacturer. The Bose Quiet Comfort2 headphones have become a proven resource for frequent travelers who want to relax on a long flight. These critically acclaimed headphones will run you a hefty $300. For considerably less, Sennheiser makes the PXC 300 sound canceling headphones which retail around $200 and compare favorably with the Bose Quiet Comfort2. Both are designed to cut the same amount of ambient noise and present comparable sound quality to the listener. But sound isn't the only consideration in a headset; you'll also have to decide which is more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

The draw most people have to Bose headphones is created by their marketing prowess. The packaging cites application in the US military- their own acoustic research developing high end processes. Add to that the outrageous price and you have a product that generates curiosity. No doubt their expensive headphones will sound pretty good. But for much less, chances are you'll get better quality elsewhere. Do some research online before you spend your hard earned money. Check out the head-fi message boards and read what people are saying about the Bose line of headphones vs. other high end brands.