Olive Opus

And all-of the rest Olive offerings

The Opus

The Olive Opus is one hell of a music machine. Although Cambridge Audio's Azur is an impressive little device, the Opus trumps the former's 160 GB hard drive and 30,000 song limit by introducing an astounding 400 GB hard drive with the potential to store 1,100 compact discs. That's about three times the power of the competition.

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The Opus doesn't lose much in the way of features, either. It plays both lossy and lossless compression file types, which means that the opus has the the capability of playing some of the best sound quality out there.

Compared to the Azur, which noisily struggles to burn a disc, the Opus can actually play and record music files at the same time. In the new age of dual-core processors, the Opus offers similar power for a wireless-network music device.

In addition, there's the option to tag and archive music files, making it easier to bring each of them up at the touch of a button. It's the closest many of these music-restricted digital home players come to the all encompassing Windows Media Center.

Although the Opus is Olive's defining machine, there are a few other media centers available from the company. Olive also offers the Musica, which stores less than the Opus but still sports an impressive 65,000 song storage potential. The Olive Symphony is the elegant academic's music choice, offering unique media options like a free embedded encyclopedia.

The Musica
The Symphony. Just kidding.

The following is a list of Olive's three prominent media centers and their most unique features:

Opus: Recent upgrades have given the Opus an impressive 750GB hard drive, meaning the user can store up to 2,100 compact discs on the machine.

Musica: A slightly downgraded (and cheaper) version of the Opus, the Musica is meant to fully integrate portable media players with special accommodation for the ever-popular Apple iPod.

Symphony: Drastically reduced hard drive space (20,000 songs), but a number of included special features, such as a complimentary encyclopedia. Plus, let's face it, 20,000 is still a lot of music.

Clearly, the Opus is Olive's flagship media center. Although the standard Opus itself sports an extraordinary 400 GB hard drive, newer editions actually showcase 750 GB of storage.

In case you're wondering (and we know you are), you can expect to pay big for all of this big storage. The 400 GB Opus retails for about $3,000 USD.