A Beginner's Guide to MP3 Players

MP3 player tech guides for the non-technical

Do you have an MP3 player or thinking about getting one, but aren't sure exactly what to do with it? You've found a home. Our MP3 player section should help any beginner get acquainted with the exciting new mobile music technologies, even if you're not a complete gadget head. Don't let the portable MP3 music revolution pass you by. You can easily get on board and learn everything you need to get well underway.

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Do you hear the kids talking about ripping and burning tunes and it makes you think of what they did to the Beatles?

Rip and Burn are some of the hip buzzwords used in digital audio today. It's got nothing to do with hating the Beatles.

An Mp3 player is basically a portable media player. In just a couple of years a portable device that only plays MP3 music into headphones will be the budget alternative. Full blown audio / video / telephone playback devices that can also balance your checkbook and let you send an email are taking over. Today, they're called MP3 music phones and there are some good ones like Walkman, branded phones by Sony Ericsson, and Motorola's Rokr II.

iPod and MP3 player tech help

The iPod is the best selling MP3 player to date, and it's easily the most stylish and user friendly electronics device to be developed in a long time. However, ss well made as they are, from time to time we all need a little helping hand with our devices. Eventually your beloved MP3 player might stop responding to your commands and you'll need to reset the iPod. Another alternative is to learn how to deal with some of the more serious issues that confront the iPod and learn the iPod's own five step program.

Many of the technical help pages in this section don't simply apply to the iPod. Almost all MP3 players' today use the Lith Io battery, which has similar properties for lifespan and recharge. The battery provides life to your MP3 player, so you should learn how to take care of it. Read more about MP3 Battery Life.

If you have specific questions check our iPod and MP3 player FAQ. If you don't see what you're looking and have more questions, please contact the editor of GizmoCafe and the Gizmo Guy himself will check into your question and see if he can find an answer.