Decorate Your iPod

Decorate your iPod to give it a personal flair

The first thing many people like to do is decorate their iPod. There are a variety of cases you can get for the iPod from rich leather to cheap plastic and paper wraps. When dressing up your iPod it's important to remember this is a device with moving parts inside and as such requires a certain amount of heat dissipation. If you have your player running for hours on end you can't have the iPod wrapped tightly in plastic with no holes.

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Look for devices that let your iPod breathe, even tiny holes in the right places will give your MP3 player just enough ventilation to allow proper heat dissipation. If you've been playing it a long time inside any cover, make sure to check it from time to time for proper heat dissipation. The test is a simple one, simply put a hand or finger on it. If it feels hot to the touch on the outside, you can be sure that parts are just cooking on the inside. In the event of overheating it's a good idea to shut it down, strip it and let it cool off. You might even want to think of another choice of iPod wrap for your player.

The coolest cover in our iPod peripherals guide is the iSkin Evo2. These tight silicone covers wrap the iPod in a flexible protective cover that won't suffocate your beloved MP3 player. The iSkin fits securely and won't slip, giving your fingers a solid grip when you carry your iPod around. The Evo2 also has an improved removable belt clip design so you can choose to clip or not. The Evo2 iSkin is sold at just about any iPod retailer so they're easy to find at the local electronics and online. The variety of glow in the dark iSkins are particularly cool, especially in their unique Wasabi Green that lights up brighter than any of the others when the lights go out- you can almost read by this thing. If a solid color isn't your thing, there are printable solutions for decorating your iPod too. The iSkin also has their own in-house print service called mPrints.

When looking for a nice protective wrapping for your iPod don't forget to use a screen cover and thumb disc wheel cover as well. This will help keep your disc wheel and screen free from scratches and maintain that new look.