Workout With Your iPod

Let iPod DJ your next treadmill session.

Working out to music is the way most of us stay motivated to run that extra mile or push that extra rep. Most of us have a workout playlist on our iPod full of inspirational tunes from hard edged stuff to keep our adrenaline pumping to ambient or dance music to keep us moving longer. Music has the universal appeal of letting us forget our body, forget our pain and escape into our own personal jam session.

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The most popular peripheral in which to carry your iPod while working out nowadays is the armband. These will attach the iPod firmly to your body while you do anything from jog, lift weights, bungee jump down manhole's or whatever you do to elevate your heart rate. Unlike CD players and other, lesser hard drive storage media devices, the iPod is made with tremendous impact resistance. You'll have minimal dangers of skipping and jumping while you do your activity.

Of utmost importance to the workout with your iPod is to strike a balance between secure grip onto your body and a bit of ventilation. If you're planning on some heavy duty workouts you'll have to take extra care to use something that will give you extra ventilation. If your workouts are quick, around an hour, then it's less of a concern but you should never use anything that doesn't employ a vent. Look for an armband or belt to enclose your iPod securely while providing a couple of holes, particularly around the hard drive in the back, to let some head dissipate from that stainless steel bottom.

Apple makes their own armband and there are several exclusive name brands like the XtremeMac SportWarp iPod Armband. But the best iPod armbands and waist belts are found like a diamond in the rough for very low costs. Obviously you'll want to examine the structural integrity of the material used before you go with a lower cost alternative. Look for those that are on the bargain shelves of your local retailer, but only go with known quality when shopping online.

Case Logic makes an aftermarket knock off iPod general issue carrying case that includes belt strap, armband, even a hand case with finger straps for jogging. Case Logic puts together well made materials with solid Velcro fasteners. They'll fit the iPod to a T but since they don't use the iPod name anywhere on the carrying cases, you may save a little money compared to fully licensed merchandise.