iPod Your Ride Guide

If this van's a rockin', don't come a knockin'

We're going to start this like a Saturday-morning infomercial.It sounds funny, and seems to sell.

"Tired of the limited space on a compact disc? Had enough of flipping through endless CDs while trying to navigate the road? Fedup with scratched discs that inevitably fall in between the seats and get lost in messy glove compartments?

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"Well, clean things up with an iPod car adaptor. Store hundreds, even thousands of songs and never again fiddle with messy CDs. More importantly, keep your eyes on the road!"

Of course, the number of songs available to you depends on the kind of iPod you own.If you're still shopping for the device that's necessary for any of this to happen, consider which one fits your needs.

The traditional iPod is the choice of audio junkies. It doesn't mess around with video, instead leaving those options behind in order to offer thousands upon thousands of songs.

This is suited for someone seeking multimedia possibilities. Although it won't help you much while driving, the iPod Video gives you the ability to display pictures and movies, while also allowing youto download videos and even TV shows for portable viewing.

Extremely light weight, the Nano sacrifices storage space for a frame that isn't much bigger than the average wafer cookie.

If we're talking about the new "clip" Shuffle, then we're talking the ultimate weapon in portability.With that said, just fitting in 1GB of storage, or about 225 songs, is the best this tiny player can do.

iPod dash

Here's a thorough guide to installing any one of the iPod car audio options, including:

Full installation (incl. head unit removal)
Dock Connectors
FM Transmitter
Auxiliary Out
Cassette Adapter

In addition, each section will take a closer look at thewares available, from the Griffin iTrip FM transmitter to the Belkin AutoCassette Adapter.With the success of the iPod comes a whole new field of manufacturers desperately clinging to Apple's long coattails.

Not only will we take a look at the reliability of some ofthese products, we'll also show you how to install them.

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