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Inno XM2go Satellite Radio Receiver from Pioneer

Pioneer XM Radio

Pioneer’s Portable Satellite / MP3 Receiver

There are two kinds of satellite radio / MP3 portables available on the market: those that can receive satellite on the go and those that wish they could. Pioneer’s Inno is an excellent example of the former.

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This little device is the size of a cigarette pack and will fit snugly in the palm of the daintiest hand. This little device can receive live satellite radio so you can listen to XM’s Bone Yard while out in the fields on a clandestine cow-tipping mission. It has a 180x180 TFT LCD display, which allows you to look at real-time satellite feeds, including stock quotes, sports scores, and lest we forget, song information.

The Pio-Inno XM2go will also let you store MP3s with its rather diminutive 1 Gig of memory. Therein lies the only technical weakness of the unit-- memory could have been larger. The really cool feature is that you can save some of the music you’re listening to: up to 50 hours of your favorite XM programming.

Many of the so called portable satellite radio players out there simply store programming that you’ve already marked while the unit is in its cradle. The result is that you get an MP3 player with a cradle that can’t receive satellite radio on the go--it will only store songs. The Samsung Helix and Nexus can only receive satellite radio while docked. They don’t really receive the signal while you’re mobile. This isn’t the case with Pioneer’s Inno, it’s a true XM2go receiver. This is the smallest portable satellite receiver available on the market. There are a couple of other brands out there that can provide XM on the go, but, at the time of writing this information, there are no devices that offer Sirius radio. It seems XM has the portable player angle secured.

The Pioneer Inno comes with a docking station and can receive XM through it. The portable unit allows you to store XM programming and mix it with your MP3s. You can broadcast your XM programming through its FM transmitter to share the music with any FM player, such as your car stereo. The kit includes not only the next gen portable player, but the docking station, earbuds, carrying case, and XM Napster CD. The price will be approximately $400 when it comes out in March, 2006.