Samsung MP3 players

Yepp, a pricey digital audio player

Samsung isn't exactly known for its digital audio and media players, but the television giant has been branching out. "Yepp" is the nickname for their digital players because of the model numbers beginning with YP. Samsung's first few stabs at the MP3 player market have been an uncomfortable fit for them. But their newest line is the YP-7 available in 512MB and 1 GB - their best yet.

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Most of Samsung's MP3 players are distinguished by the "joystick" control located front and center of the devices. This is Samsung's version of the click wheel of Apple fame. While not as slick as the iPod's navigation system, it gets the job done. The tiny flash players that feature the stick control force them into a boxy design so their smallest MP3 players end up looking like matchbooks -- not a bad design really. On average there are better charge times offered by competitors, but you might not find a more feature rich player than some of the Samsung's smaller models. How many 512MB flash players can you name with a color LCD screen and featuring a picture viewer? And Samsung's line of players is PlaysForSure-compatible, making them perfect for use with any of the online music services.

Samsung has an array of digital players that range from tiny stick flash players to their larger YH players that have a 20Gig drive and also feature an image viewer through a color LCD screen. The YP-F is a clever wearable model 1Gig flash player with interchangeable shells so you can tailor its look to fit your purpose. Industry wide kudos have been in short supply for Samsung's digital audio player line; they haven't been around long and haven't quite found their sweet spot. But the newest line of Yepp YP-T7 models shows the most promise.

The YP-T7s come in two main types, 512Mb and 1Gig flash. As flash players they use flash ROM memory which has no moving parts like a micro-hard drive so it should be a little more shock resistant for those hard workouts. It's built in battery features a ten hour lifespan which is just a little shy of what you'd expect these days - with many running for around 15 hours off a single charge.

The YP - T7 does have a few unique tricks up its sleeve. Featuring a 96x96 pixel color LCD screen and picture viewer you can squint to your heart's content at tiny images. It's likely to be an annoying feature except as a quickly passing novelty. The FM radio again rears its ugly head in an MP3 player. Is this really a feature or a waste of space? It's for you to decide, but if you happen to like FM you have the option to record your FM and even schedule your recording at a specific time, like you would your TiVo. Now that's pretty cool, for an FM radio. Musing into the color screen is sure to put your battery life into short supply so use it sparingly. Although picture viewing isn't this device's forte, the strength in the color screen is its ability to show subtle contrasts in the menu, making it easier to read than most. Add PlaysForSure and you have a collection of features that make one nice MP3 player.

The biggest downfall of Samsung's MP3 players is the price. The YP-T7 for instance is only a 512Mb flash player that can be found on the streets for about $30 bucks more than the iPod Shuffle, Apple's 512 Mb flash player. Besides paying a premium for the screen, it's just not an iPod; the joystick control doesn't hold a candle to the click-wheel, even the Shuffle's version.