Sennheiser Headphones

Sennheiser Headphones

Who has the best set of cans? Many would say Sennheiser.

Sennheiser makes the finest sounding headphones at a moderate price range, period. Their name is synonymous with the refined sophisticated design in headphones that offer unparalleled clarity and precision. Sennheiser headphones can be found in a variety of styles and price ranges, starting at the lower end with cheaper offerings for people who just want a sturdy headset for basic sound. The MX line of ear-buds are quite inexpensive, although Sennheiser's foray into the low cost ear-bud market is as expected, not exactly memorable. But where Sennheiser really shines is in their full sized over the ear HD series headphones.

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Sennheiser's HD-485 is a sub $100 pair of headphones that offer a popular warm tonal quality. These are a perfect starter set of cans for anyone wanting to hear what they've been missing with those stock headphones that came with their portable. The HD-485 provides a light load to your headphone jack that can be powered up by virtually anything. If noise cancellation is important to you, the Sennheiser PXC line of headphones including the PXC 250 and PXC 300 models have received accolades from the hi-fi industry. These are sound canceling headphones for people who care about their audio quality and they cost much less than Bose Quiet Comfort 2.

Sennheiser also makes a line of wireless headphones. The RS 85 brings the same attention to detail and obsessive design quality to a wireless headset. Sennheiser also has a line of wireless add on cans for your RS 85 transmitter. It's a great way to share the sound with a friend and save the cost of buying yet another unneeded transmitter. The HDR 130 is priced at just over $100 and offers a nicely designed headphone that is rated for a whopping 100 meter range.

Most serious audiophiles agree, the Sennheiser HD 650 is simply the best headphone made. There are more expensive headphones out there, but these run a pretty penny at $500. But for the money you're getting the headphone that is recognized as simply the world's best. Sennheiser's HD 650s excel most at presenting a neutral acoustic quality free of over-emphasis on a particular tone to make them stand out. One of the few sound experiences where you can discern silence between the notes of your favorite music is found when you don these cans. Sennheiser's flagship headphone excels at bringing out every rich detail of even the simplest sounds in recorded music. The experience of listening to any high end headphone, especially Sennheisser cannot be adequately described, it's something that must simply be experienced to be believed.