How Science is Changing the Auto Industry

Scientific Advancements in the Automotive Industry

Gas prices are constantly changing in most states, and many people are interested in alternative fuel sources. Fortunately, scientists are making major changes in the automotive industry. The changes in the auto industry allow drivers to save money on gasoline prices and take fewer trips to the gas station. Here are three ways technology is advancing the automotive industry.

Electricity to Power Cars

Electric cars have been around for decades, and they are rapidly increasing in popularity. Many people wonder why automobile companies took so long to manufacture electric cars. In the past, cars did not have the battery power required to travel long distances. Since batteries were not powerful enough to operate cars, automobile manufacturers had to use gasoline to power cars. Currently, automobile manufacturers are using lithium batteries to power electric cars.

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Cooking Oil in Gas Tanks

Asking restaurant managers for used cooking oil is becoming a trend. Cooking oil can be used to power cars. It is inexpensive, and many people are interested in learning how grease can be used to power cars. Cars powered by grease have a strong odor of cooking oil. Many people are hesitant to pour cooking oil in a gas tank. Before the oil can be used in a car, it needs to be converted into a biodiesel fuel. Using cooking oil to power cars is risky. If the cooking oil is not properly converted into a biodiesel fuel, it can cause irreversible damage to the car.

Using Coal to Power Cars

Many hybrid vehicles use coal to power electric vehicles. Coal is abundant in many areas of the United States, and most electricity in the United States is generated by coal. Many people wonder how coal can be used to power cars. Electric cars are plugged into a wall outlet, and many homes get electricity from coal plants.

Most consumers are interested in saving money and reducing carbon emissions, and alternatives to gasoline are expected to grow in popularity. Automobile manufacturers are constantly updating safety features, and advances in technology will benefit all cars in the United States.