The Science of Electric Cars

The Future of Automobiles

Manufactures like Tesla have created a new generation of electric vehicles that offer faster recharging times and a greater operational range than ever before. The first electric cars appeared during the 19th century, and were initially seen as holding many key advantages over internal combustion models. Electric powered vehicles soon fell out of favor once gas and diesel powered motors began to overtake them in terms of performance. Today, the electric car is poised to make a comeback, as each new generation of vehicle continues to offer faster charge times, more efficient energy consumption and increased operational range.

The Science Behind the Electric Car

Unlike hybrid vehicles which utilize battery-powered motors to provide power at key points during acceleration, electric cars utilize battery banks alone in order to provide power to the wheels. Older model vehicles used less efficient batteries that were unable to hold as much charge and that added a great deal of weight to the vehicle, further impairing overall performance. Industry leaders like Tesla have made use of the latest science and technology in order to create electric cars that can rival and even exceed their conventional counterparts in terms of performance and operational range.

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Environmentally-Sustainable Transportation

Conventional vehicles rely upon internal combustion engines that burn fossil fuels in order to produce power. The emissions created by these vehicles has created a number of very serious problems. Cities that have large populations often suffer from poor air quality, which can pose a health hazard. The emissions of conventional vehicles also contain carbon dioxide, a green house gas linked to global warming. Electric vehicles offer a more sustainable alternative to internal combustion engines, one that may spare drivers from having to choose between being able to meet their transportation needs and the environment.

Future Trends Shaping the Industry

Electric cars continue to grow in popularity due to breakthroughs like more efficient battery technology as well as mounting concern over the state of the environment. Future generations of electric cars will be able to provide improved performance, greater durability and the means to drive further between charges. The current models of electric vehicles, as well as the cars that may be expected in the near future, may have much to offer drivers who are interested in shrinking their carbon footprint or avoiding the higher costs associated with rising fuel prices.