Self-Driving Cars

A Look a the Future of Self-Driving Cars

The new technology and innovative engineering solutions created by industry leaders like Google and Toyota has made self-driving cars a reality. Many drivers would be surprised to learn that they have actually been sharing the road with self-driving cars for a number of years. While these vehicles were only driven in small numbers and were required to have a human occupant during their testing and development phase, the few remaining legislative and regulatory obstacles needed to put self-driving cars on the road in greater numbers are expected to be overcome in the very near future.

Safety Issues With Self-Driving Vehicles

Based on the premise that self-driving cars did not need to be perfect, they just needed to be better than human drivers, the technology and science behind self-driving cars actually makes them far safer than their human-operated counterparts. Extensive testing was required in order to bring this technology to market, and while there have been a number of minor traffic accidents during the process, Google maintains that their self-driving vehicles were not at fault. Widespread use of self-driving vehicles may result in a significant reduction of traffic accidents, injuries and even fatalities.

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Commercial Use of Self-Driving Vehicles

Couriers, long-haul truckers and others who make their living behind the wheel may soon find themselves out of the job. While science and engineering breakthroughs in the past have allowed automation to shake up a number of commercial industries, the availability of self-driving vehicles may have further reaching consequences than many people might realize. While there may be no cause for concern at the moment, the commercial ramifications of self-driving vehicles may not be far off.

Industry Leaders and Technological Innovators

While Google is usually the first name that springs to mind when self-driving cars are mentioned, they are not the only company involved in the development process. Leading car manufacturers like Toyota have already recognized the potential impact that self-driving vehicles may have on the entire auto industry. While self-driving cars were once found only within the realm of science fiction, drivers may find themselves sharing the road with automated vehicles much sooner than they might have imagined.