Wi-Fi-Enabled Cars

Why WiFi Enabled Cars Are Worth Buying

Among the many auto advances seen in recent years, WiFi technology has made an appearance in many 2015 model year vehicles. This allows an individual to use his or her phone, laptop or other connected device while in the car, which may offer many benefits to drivers and passengers alike.

Get More Done With This High-Tech Feature

If you are on your way to work in someone else's car, you could sit around for the length of the drive dreading opening your email. However, if you have WiFi, you can access your email from your phone without having to use any of your phone's data. This helps you get a jump on your day or help you catch up on anything that you weren't able to finish yesterday before the boss finds out.

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Kids Stay Calm During the Ride

Young children have a hard time going many miles without something to entertain them. Instead of listening to them scream or ask if they are there yet, you can hand them your tablet and let them watch a movie or play a game. You may also allow your kids to create their own playlist of songs that will keep the occupied on a long trip, which will allow you to focus on the road.

Stay Safe During an Emergency

In the event that the power goes out in your home, your car may still be able to pick up a signal through a third-party provider. Therefore, you can use the wonders of science to stay connected with friends and loved ones to let them know that you are alright. You can also alert emergency personnel to your situation or listen to news reports to determine when it may be safe to try to leave your location.

As cars continue to get smarter, it is not a surprise that they have WiFi connectivity inside of them. In the future, this will be an important component to autonomous and self-driving vehicles that will leave their human occupants with more time on their hands. Having the ability to read an article, play a game or watch a movie allows them to do more with that free time.