The Rise of Solar Energy

The Rise of Solar Energy and Beyond

Despite what some solar-powered product manufacturers would have us believe, the truth is that there has been an intentional pursuit of solar-energy since, well, the discovery of sunlight. Man has always striven to harness the power of the sun since prehistoric times and harness it as cheaply as possible for his personal use.

Whether for his immediate environment or to conserve energy, man continues to this day developing new delivery systems to use the sun in a viable, affordable way and somehow replace current energy-producing sources. Our article below focuses on the following aspects of the rise of solar-powered energy:

  • Solar-Energy Since Ancient Times
  • Three Words: Exploding, Science and Technology
  • The Future Is Now For Solar Platforms
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Solar-Energy Since Ancient Times

One of the first recorded instances in ancient times of harnessing the power of the sun was when the Hebrew slaves fled Egypt some time in the period of 1446 BC. Instructed to leave out all of the leavening from their supply of bread, as they had to make one fast exit from Egypt, they used the power of the sun to make the first solar-energy ovens using the sun's rays. Hence, the first known case of matzoh crackers.

Three Words: Exploding, Science and Technology

There has been an explosive growth in methods to conserve energy for the environment for the last 20 years. Because of the sun's uncanny ability to provide energy with no global warming pollution, no fuel costs and few risks, is any, of energy cost spikes, it's increasingly seen as a means to provide cleaner alternatives to electricity.

The emerging science and technology have caused prices to drop for rooftop PV systems a full 29 percent from what it was in 2010 to today's prices. Moreover, large-scale PV projects have plunged 60 percent more than those systems set up for residential use on a per-watt basis.

The Future Is Now For Solar Platforms

In 2013, the U.S. solar industry had more than 140,000 people in the work force making it a 53 percent jump in employees from the year 2010. Currently, there are more than 6,000 solar companies in the U.S.

By some estimates, by the year 2050, solar-generated energy will have become the de facto alternative to fossil fuels and the largest source of electricity on the planet. Already, many investors can smell the proverbial coffee brewing in a trending $44 trillion investment boom.

As for the rise of solar energy, it's only begun to really catch on fire and there's no end in sight of where it will take those who reside on this planet.