How Bionics are Changing the Face of Prosthetics

Next-Generation Prosthetics Have Much to Offer

Recent breakthroughs in robotics and engineering have created prosthetics that are able to restore a greater degree of function than ever before. In the past, advances in prosthetics have been good for little more than providing patients with a device that was more natural in appearance. The science and technology behind the current generation of prosthetics utilizes advanced robotics in order to improve the range of function that artificial limbs are able to offer. Some devices even show promise for restoring motor function to those who have been paralyzed or suffer from a spinal cord injury.

Smart Prosthetics

The loss of a limb can be a life-changing event. Devices and resources that can allow amputees to more easily resume their everyday routine or to enjoy their favorite activities can make a world of difference. Artificial limbs that utilize sophisticated motors and servos to restore a greater degree of function, as well as those that may be able to sense and respond to balance and movement, can do far more than would have been possible with prosthetics that are just a few years old. With new breakthroughs in science and the advent of new technology, prosthetics that will provide amputees with an even greater degree of restored function may be just a few years away.

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Exoskeletons and Assisted-Movement Devices

A spinal cord injury can result in consequences that may be even more severe than the loss of a single limb. Full or partial paralysis can leave many accident victims unable to complete even the most basic daily tasks without assistance. Devices that have been created in order to provide greater mobility than would be possible through use of a wheelchair and prosthetics that can allow those who retain partial movement and sensation to optimize their physical abilities may allow many who suffer from paralysis to enjoy greater independence and overall quality of life.

Learning More About the Latest Advances in Prosthetics

For those who have suffered an accident that left them paralyzed or resulted in the loss of a limb, keeping up with advances in limb replacement technology and prosthetic design can often be a very important issue. Speaking with a doctor or medical specialist or performing your own research online may shed a great deal of light on the subject. Reading medical journals and publications that detail the latest advances in prosthetic sciences may also allow you to learn a great deal.