Ground-Breaking Tech for the Home

Tomorrow's High Tech Home Has Already Arrived

The incredible advances in technology over the past decade today transform upscale residential environments. Some absolutely ground-breaking new inventions already change daily life for numerous households. Just consider some of these high-tech features:

The Front Door

Perhaps you've noticed digital locks on your car door recently? Now these devices will impact the way you open your home doors, too. Using a smartphone, you enjoy the ability to program entrances and exits. Soon the traditional lock and metal key may become an artifact of the past.

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Self-cleaning Hallways

Inside your home, tiled entrance ways and carpeted corridors now clean themselves effortlessly- well, almost, anyway. For the cost of a few batteries, you can keep small, mobile robotic cleaning discs busy around the clock sweeping hallway carpets and cleaning tiled surfaces within your residence.

A Central Control-Console Panel

One new feature of the smart home involves a central control panel, allowing residents to program features such as the exact hour when Internet-connected appliances turn off and on. Today some homeowners remotely direct lighting features, temperature controls and alarm systems through a home interface. Some builders accommodate better residential software integration. In the past, electricians working to repair home wiring looked for a central panel box. Soon they will also need to consult a residential console, too.

Science in The Kitchen

Probably the biggest immediate changes appear most noticeable in modern kitchens. Today, technology exists that permits refrigerators to display inventories. Owners can program shopping lists into the fridge and, with the flick of a button (literally) send an online message to a designated retailer re-ordering breakfast cereal. Some brands of coffeemakers and microwaves currently enable owners to send instructions remotely over the Net to begin meal preparation at designated times. A growing number of commuters find themselves returning from the office to find a hot meal waiting on schedule in the kitchen.

High-Tech Bedrooms And More

Even the modern bedroom today maintains an increasingly "high-tech" appearance. Just as advancements in sensing technology enabled automotive front driver's seats to retain memory features for individual people sitting behind the wheel, some mattresses now allow an owner to literally program optimum levels of hardness or softness. Technically savvy homeowners also possess the ability to automate bedside lighting to turn on and off at designated times. Home environmental regulation according to a preferred schedule will soon become a widely popular amenity!