Smart Lighting for the Home

Automated and Remote Access Home Lighting

The Phillips Hue Connected bulb features smart technology to provide users with an unprecedented degree of control over their lighting and illumination. While there are plenty of lighting systems that features automation and remote access, the Phillips Hue can allow users to adjust a pre-set lighting schedule, alter the light output of each individual bulb and even to change the color of their lighting right from their smartphone. These bulbs feature LED lighting for improved efficiency and reduced power consumption, and each one can be individually customized in order to create, save and recall specific brightness and color settings.

Investing in the Best Lighting

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While these bulbs may be more expensive than other more conventional lighting options, the highly efficient nature of LED lighting and the unique customization options that users will be able to explore may be well worth the cost. For those who are serious about their lighting, access to the right resources can be an important concern. A more convenient way to alter the lighting of your home or office can allow you to create an atmosphere more suitable for your moods and circumstances. the ability to save and recall past settings, right from your smartphone, is an exciting and innovative feature that may be worth the extra expense.

Remote Access

Being able to control the lighting and illumination scheme of your household or workplace environment regardless of your location can be very useful. Coming home to a dark house or investing in an automated lighting system that lacks the unique features and superior performance of the Phillips Hue can make adjusting your environment or creating the style and type of atmosphere you are most interested in enjoying a far more arduous task. Thanks to smart technology the perfect lighting can be created with just a swipe of your fingers.

Choosing the Best Automated Lighting Systems and Equipment

While even the most rudimentary analog timers can provide you with some control over your lighting when you are away from the home or office, more sophisticated systems and equipment options may offer a range of features that you might want to consider. Adjusting your light levels or choosing lighting colors that can be sampled from digital photographs can provide a level of versatility and convenience that may be hard to pass up. Investing in the right lighting can make it much easier to set the mood or illuminate your surroundings in the most attractive way.