Understanding What Mobile Operating Systems Do

Mobile Operating Systems Explained

Although a quick reply to a query regarding what mobile operating systems actually do might be that they entertain us and help us to communicate, a look under the hood shows that there are a variety of areas where they perform tasks that are not that transparent.

At a base level, on a smartphone, mobile operating systems control the radio communications that your cell phone is sending out so that you can have reception without interruption. And although that doesn't need to show up in the user interface, it helps to make the technology that drives a smartphone greater than that which was used on any of the Apollo space missions.

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One system, many pieces of hardware

In addition to controlling your smartphone communication, because mobile operating systems are popular to use with tablets as well. When installed on a tablet, even though they can control a radio if it is installed, they are normally configured to work with Wi-Fi phone communications through the internet as a feature. Some mobile operating systems have been ported to desktop computers and laptops because users sometimes enjoy using the apps that the system features on a PC.

Applications broke the mold

Mobile operating systems have been around since the turn of the century, but the high price of devices, the lack of an application store, and a typically inferior user interface were key factors holding back their growth. Because most mobile devices have several radios and other pieces of hardware built into them, one of the key features of a mobile operating system today is to provide a platform that interfaces well with many types of hardware so that applications that want to use the hardware functionality that is available may do so easily.

Your security adviser

Another function of mobile operating systems is to provide security for your device so that it will remain safe to add more and more of your information and money to it for use in your life. It is interesting how society has changed in this regard. 12 years ago, people were getting killed for their iPod devices. But as soon as mobile device prices came down, the number of cell phones and tablets that were reported being stolen came down as well. This factor, coupled with very strong security on most mobile operating systems and cell phone networks makes relying on your cell phone as a device to use for buying things much more popular than using a desktop computer.

Overall, mobile operating systems and the apps that run on them are designed to provide you with an entertainment and productivity experience that is extensible to very advanced applications.