A Look at Android's OS

Should You Switch to Android OS?

As the most popular mobile operating system in the world, you can find the Android OS on many phones, tablets and smart devices. One of the main reasons for Android's popularity, especially in developing countries, is the price of devices running on the OS. In many cases, an Android device can cost half as much as a comparable product with the same specifications. However, the cost of an Android device is not the only reason why someone should consider switching to the OS.

Operating System

Unlike other operating systems, such as Apple's iOS, almost every part of the OS can be changed and personalized. Android has the same standard personalization options that you can find on other platforms, such as modification of background images and alert customization.

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However, Android users can also make many modifications to the OS that are completely restricted on other platforms. For example, an Android user can modify app icons and completely change the entire home screen to reflect his taste. This level of customization is extremely attractive to most users.


Android has many features that are comparable or better than other mobile systems. All Android phones have standard calling and messaging features, such as multimedia messaging, video calling and conference calling through third-party or native apps.

Similar to the iOS App Store, Android users have access to over a million apps in the Google Play Store. In some cases, apps that are available in the Google Play Store are not available on other platforms.

The OS is fully integrated with most Google applications, products and services. As a result, you only need your Google Account information to access the company's services and websites, such as Gmail, Google Drive and Google Play Music.


  • Android is available on a large number of devices from many different manufacturers.
  • Android devices usually cost a lot less than comparable devices on other mobile platforms.
  • Android devices are compatible with many third-party accessories and devices.
  • Android is more customizable than other mobile platforms.


  • Android is more vulnerable to malware and virus infections than iOS and Windows Phone OS.
  • Although Google regularly sends out updates to improve the OS and patch security vulnerabilities, your wireless carrier or phone manufacturer may not release those updates in a timely fashion.
  • The OS is more susceptible to freezing and slow response times than the other platforms.

Switching to the Android platform is not a long or arduous process. In addition, the OS is robust enough for both novice and professional users.