BlackBerry's Operating System

Inside BlackBerry OS 10

The Canadian tech giant formerly known as Research in Motion has been busy testing out new strategies to regain smartphone market share. Prior to the advent of the Apple iPhone and Google's Android operating system, BlackBerry was a dominant brand in terms of mobile devices, particularly among business users. These days, BlackBerry lags behind in terms of smartphone supremacy, but the company is not giving up.

The latest update of the BlackBerry operating system is a testament to the resilience of the company and its desire to regain market share. BlackBerry OS 10 is filled with powerful features that stand up to systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone; it has enough pros and cons to make it a system worth considering.

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Main Features of BlackBerry OS 10

As a mobile operating system that caters to business users, BlackBerry OS 10 has everything you can ask for: a professional dialer to manage voice and conference calls, an advanced email program, a standard Web browser that supports HTML 5 plus Flash, voice commands, an office suite that can handle Microsoft Office documents, strong security measures, an ability to create spaces to keep business and personal information separate, a terrific desktop synchronization link, and much more.

Since BlackBerry OS 10 is developed specifically for RIM devices, users will not find any issues with functions such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity work great; in fact, connectivity is one of the strong suites of BlackBerry OS 10, which offers simple broadband tethering and VPN tools.

BlackBerry OS 10 Pros

The user interface of BlackBerry OS 10 is sharp, crisp and intuitive. The universal inbox integrates seamlessly with email, social network updates, text messages, and voice mail. Users have a lot of freedom in terms of customization, and the virtual keyboard is one of the best in the market. This OS is even better when running in the BlackBerry Classic device and its excellent hardware keyboard.

BlackBerry OS 10 Cons

The default Web browser of this OS is not very useful, and the BlackBerry World app store does not have too many titles to choose from. The built-in Android emulator is interesting but far from perfect. There is a bit of a learning curve needed to master BlackBerry OS 10, and this may seem frustrating to some users.