The Windows Phone Operating System

Deciding Whether Windows Phone Is for You

The Windows phone operating system has unique advantages not found in other mobile systems chiefly because of how easy it is to integrate across a number of disparate items. There are definitely some ups and downs to the system, however.


One of the features that renders the windows phone OS so useful is the integration ability. For example, Windows Phone 8 can share applications across between your phone and your computer. The "metro" style of Windows 8 means that each of the boxes on the start screen can be accessed normally by clicking on them in the desktop, but they are also the perfect size for tapping on in a mobile phone environment.

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It's also the case that you can set preferences on your computer and use a password for logging into your desktop computer that will be shared across other devices such as ones using Windows Phone. This means that the convenience is just far and above what other mobile operating systems can handle. For example, Android doesn't really have a whole lot of compatibility with desktop systems.


The downside of the Windows phone Operating system is that it's not quite as convenient or aesthetically pleasing as many of the other services out there. The update packages you get also tend to be not really as impressive as what happens through Apple or Google Play. In addition, the Windows app store is notorious for having apps that are far under the quality of many of the other app stores.

For one thing, there are much fewer apps available altogether. Secondly, the store doesn't have the rigor or ensured quality of the Apple store. It also lacks the sheer openness of the Google store when it comes to app selection. Google is actually rather famous for this, and the Windows store just can't compare.

Many of the apps you get for phones aren't even as good as just using the service through the Internet normally. The support just isn't up to par at all.

Overall, the Windows Phone system will appeal to you primarily if you already have many windows devices and you just want a way to keep them all correlated and compatible. Transferring files, syncing, and preference control is all much easier through the mobile Windows system then it is through the use of any other systems out there. Windows fans will appreciate this almost to the exclusion of all others.