Comcast Cable TV

The #1 cable TV service provider in North America

Comcast is the nation's leading cable provider with over 21 million subscribers. Over 7 million subscribers also use their high-speed internet services and it has 1.2 million cable telephone subscribers. Comcast is not only the distributor of cable networks but also owns several themselves. E! Entertainment Television, Style Network, The Golf Channel, Outdoor Life Network, G4, AXN Television, PBS KIDS Sprout, TV One and four Comcast SportsNets are all owned in part by Comcast. Comcast also has majority ownership in Comcast Spectator, whose holdings include the Philadelphia Flyers, Philadelphia 76ers and two large multipurpose arenas in Philadelphia.

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Comcast's services include digital cable TV, which brings you HDTV and a complete lineup of digital standard definition channels. If you have an HDTV you must ensure that you have a digital cable box that includes HDTV reception. Since digital cable is the phrase that will be used to describe all the new channels higher up on the dial compressed with mpeg3, they can fit more channels in a limited bandwidth giving customers more options. Digitally compressed and transported to your home means less chances of having compromised video quality sullied by interference en route to your house. This was a particular problem with conventional analogue cable TV. Although digital doesn't necessarily mean HDTV, it includes HDTV but you'll need an HD digital cable terminal to get HDTV from your cable company. It will also be important to subscribe to the HD package that gets you access to the HDTV channels available to you. There are many consumers who have purchased an HDTV and believe because it's digital they'll get all the channels in full HD.

From the digital terminal you can select your channels from on-screen program guides that even include parental controls. Parents can take control of what programming is available to their kids by locking them out of questionable networks or premium services. A dizzying array of movie networks is available from remote control, although mostly from the premium services that do without commercial interruptions.

Comcast offers OnDemand services, which means that from your cable set-top box's remote control you can go to the OnDemand channel and navigate a menu system that allows you to select the programming you wish to view at that moment. Whatever you select is digitally stored at Comcast's head end, allowing you to access and control it from your remote. This means the show starts whenever you're ready and you have full control to pause, rewind and replay anytime you choose.