Flat Panel TVs

Flat Screen Televisions

Flat panel TV describes the physical shape of a display device - the flat ones that aren't using any form of projection and don't use a CRT are flat-panel TVs. These are exclusive to plasma and LCD panels at current technology; there is no other display types that present as large a picture in as small a device. LCD and plasma are the most expensive types of TV you can purchase, and the flat screen is a popular feature in a display carrying a mystique that keeps the demand and prices high. The truth is there is no inherent superiority to a flat TV - a rear-projection TV when viewed straight ahead is capable of just as bright and detailed a high-definition image as any flat-panel technology. The space requirements of the rear projection are another matter since you can theoretically hang a flat panel TV from a wall. But take our advice and use a proper stand for your flat-panel TV - it's more secure and you can access the back panels a lot easier in case you need to make adjustments.

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Plasma panels are by far the most expensive TV type made today. Plasma screens are made from electronically controlled individual lights similar to fluorescent. Each light comprises a single pixel in the display and this makes for very sharp, clear images.

LCD panels are made from liquid crystals that coat transistor materials that control voltages to the liquid crystal material. The liquid crystal displays have a backlighting that provides luminescence through liquid crystals that regulate the colors. Since there is only a chip and a light that serves as the actual display apparatus these can be made almost wafer-thin in size. The images compare favorably to plasma but the displays aren't made as big due to constraints in the current levels of technology.

Both kinds of flat-panel TVs are more expensive than the current crop of rear-projection TVs, but expect prices to decline as more technologies surface.