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Not Your Father’s LCD Panel

Lately, Hannspree televisions have been receiving recognition at trade shows as well on various websites. The unique products Hannspree produces are LCD TVs designed with an artistic flair. It was only a matter of time before TV manufacturers started finding clever uses for the standard LCD panel. Although many manufacturers design LCD televisions to be as flat or as small as possible, Hannspree, a Taiwanese LCD TV manufacturer, is creatively designing various sculptures and artwork with an LCD display built inside. This innovative and artistic approach to the design of LCD displays is certainly interesting and will appeal to a particular demographic, but it is still too early to determine how much of a market there is for these products.

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Hannspree, the small LCD TV manufacturer out of Taiwan, is actually owned by one of the world’s largest LCD panel manufacturers. The LCD panels going into their products are world class and are found in some of the most popular brands you can name. Although the quality of the TV isn’t the reason you buy from Hannspree, it’s the style of the casement that is meant to be appealing. However, the unconventional design catalogue offered by Hannspree is a matter of personal taste and preference.

A couple of the most popular and talked about designs at the CES, 2006 include the Apple and Batman designs. The Apple is a sculpture of an Apple with an interactive element, you open it up and there is a small LCD display. Hannspree has two designs for their Batman monitor: Batman and the Dark Knight.

Specs 15" Hannspree Display:

  • 15"
  • 1024x768
  • 500:1 Contrast ratio
  • No Component Video Inputs
  • 1 S-Video Input
  • 2 Composite Inputs
  • 2 Audio (RCA) inputs
  • SRS Surround Sound

As you can tell by the specs above, the smaller TVs in Hannspree’s 15" line aren’t HDTV and don’t have component inputs. The best you’ll get is S-Video and a resolution of 1024x768. However, because the displays are so small, the viewer will not notice a visible difference. Since all of Hannspree's displays are LCD there is no interlacing. Hannspree’s larger models (23" range) have component inputs for true HDTV at 1280x768. Many of the designs, especially those with Disney branding and other assorted fictional characters, target niche markets like a child’s bedroom or playroom. The question is whether or not a kid who still thinks Winnie the Pooh is cool even knows what to do with an LCD Panel.
Hannspree is not only redesigning the TV, but are offering customers a different buying experience. New boutique stores are opening up worldwide in key locations to sell the TVs in a specially designed environment that will best represent the unique style of Hannspree televisions. Sometimes the local big-box store won’t do. Currently, there are only two Hannspree boutique locations worldwide: one is located in Taipei, Taiwan and the other in San Francisco, California.