Top Ten Lies in HDTV Sales - Lies 3 &; 4

Top 10 Lies in HDTV Sales

Lies are spun in consumer electronics sales for a variety of reasons: sometimes it's to make the sale and sometimes it's just well meaning ignorance. Protect yourself from misinformation with GizmoCafe's guide to HDTV.

4: HDTV dramatically improves image quality of any TV program: Not true. Only HD programs look good on an HDTV. Only a minority of what's on TV, including HDTV networks, is actually shot in HD. Depending on your HDTV's ability to scale standard definition (480i) to its native resolution, standard definition images on an HDTV could look much worse than a standard definition TV.

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Countless new HDTV owners have brought home a new 50" LCD rear projector, but planned to upgrade the satellite receiver or cable box at a later date. They're shocked to discover the standard definition programming from the old cable box (that only has an S-Video connection) looks like crap. Most standard def 32" picture tube sets will look better than a 50" HDTV when displaying standard definition programming. Surprise!

3: Buy now, X-HDTV technology is still years away: A variant of another lie told around the water cooler at work that says don't buy now because X-HDTV display technology is about to be released and promises real HD nirvana. Currently, there is a lot of buzz about Laser and SED; however, both technologies loom largely in the imaginations of the HDTV hype machine.

Believe it when you see it!

TV manufacturers are always busy developing the next big thing. There are so many market factors involved in the release of a new TV technology and its preparedness is only one aspect. It has to be competitively priced, reliable, just as good if not better than existing technologies, and most importantly it cannot overshadow the same companies existing product line. Delays are inevitable. Buy something you like today because it looks nice today or simply do not buy, wait it out. Do not let the possibility of the next big thing affect your decision. It's always okay to wait, but it's never a good idea to be the first on your block to pay big bucks for a new and untested technology.

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