Top Ten Lies in HDTV Sales - Lies 7 &; 8

Top 10 Lies in HDTV Sales

Lies are spun in consumer electronics sales for a variety of reasons: sometimes it's to make the sale and sometimes it's just well meaning ignorance. Protect yourself from misinformation with GizmoCafe's guide to HDTV.

8: The perfect HDTV type: We've heard the sales folks that X is the ultimate type of HDTV, or this or that technology makes the perfect HDTV image quality. Whether we're talking about Plasma, LCD or front projectors there is no perfect display. Each one has its drawbacks and its advantages. If a perfect HDTV type existed no others would be made. The incredible variety in HDTVs isn't a linear hierarchy of best to worst, but is rather a series of specializations depending on your preferences and needs.

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A debate rages as to which is better: a progressive scan 720P or 1080i. Some say the 1080i has more total resolution so it's a better image quality. Others prefer the progressive scan of 720P and cite that it's better at rendering fast moving images, so it's a better choice. The fact is they're both very close in image quality and comparable by any measure. The real difference will be when 1080P is perfected and can be rendered in an affordable HDTV.

Learn what display technology will best fit your needs. Gizmo Caf's HDTV guide has three simple steps to help find your perfect HDTV match.

7: All HDTV broadcasts look amazing: This is one of the most difficult concepts to grasp before you've owned an HDTV for awhile, but not all HD broadcasts are created equally. Like anything else, even HD programming vary wildly in how good it actually looks.

Not every program will look as pristine as Discovery HD, Monday Night Football or that HD demo loop that plays snips of the best on HD. HD shows that are shot for 1080i broadcasts actually use progressive scan 540P and scale to 1080i. Many HD programs broadcast in 720P won't look as good as it can for a variety of production reasons. The HD demo at the TV store will show the best possible example of HD programming, but don't expect your prime time TV fix of Desperate Housewives or 24 to look that good.

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