ReplayTV - the discriminating choice in PVR quality

ReplayTV is a specialty subscriber PVR system offering all the benefits of PVR with many of its own features. The primary feature that sets ReplayTV apart from their competitors is the hardware - their PVRs are the choice of discriminating viewers and listeners. ReplayTV claims to offer the highest quality recording and playback in the business.

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Just hold one of the ReplayTV units in your hands and you can feel the solid construction. A heavier power supply and other components make the set-top box feel more like piece of high-end audio gear. As well it should, since ReplayTV was first developed by SonicBlue, the same company that created the first commercially successful MP3 player, the Rio.

ReplayTV was the first digital video recorder of its day back in 1997. Since being purchased by D&M Holdings, they've retained the ReplayTV technology and added it to their suite of fine home entertainment products with brands like McIntosh, Denon and Marantz. The high-end pedigree of the ReplayTV without a doubt makes it the high-end choice for home entertainment enthusiasts.

The good news about being a ReplayTV customer is that you don't have to pay a whole lot extra over their primary competitor TiVo for a higher-end box. ReplayTV's lowest-end set-top box is the 5504, which has only a 40-hour recording capacity and includes digital audio output for only $150. With a parade of rebates and special offers, the price of any of their boxes is significantly reduced. The 5516 has a 160-hour capacity and full digital TV compatibility for HDTV and digital audio outputs.

Enjoy all the benefits of PVR - time-shift TV ability, record your favorite shows, fast-forward through ads with Quick Skip, which jumps you 30 seconds of program time. Unique features like Quick Skip's expanded ability to jump you to different areas of a recorded program like a DVD are a convenience you won't find on a regular cable box with PVR capabilities built in.

Like TiVo, ReplayTV is a premium subscriber service that specializes in feature-rich PVRs. The trouble, like TiVo, is that it's an extra subscriber service you must pay for on top of the cable or satellite bill you're already paying. But the goods are definitely there if you're willing to pay the price. ReplayTV gets preferred choice over TiVo, even though TiVo has the big name that everybody recognizes as synonymous with the PVR.