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Samsung TVs, three stars for displaying excellence

Samsung is a Korean electronics firm that has been around for some time. Since the 1970s they've been making TVs that were terribly average. However, Samsung has had a resurgence in the last decade, reinventing itself as a true Asian giant in the consumer electronics market. Samsung has been able to compete by often taking the road less traveled and finding unique innovations that others might have missed and perfecting them. As an example of how they've been able to make their philosophy of innovation work, look at their MP3 players.

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Although new to the MP3 player scene, they've been able to belt out some of the finest players available in their second generation that compete head-to-head with Apple. Samsung's forte, however, is their TVs, which they've been making for decades. Again, their ability to strike out in newer, less traveled directions has made them a successful leader in the industry rather than throwing out more me-too product.

Samsung's unique style is no more evident than in their choice to develop DLP rear-projection TVs. While not the only company using Texas Instrument's DLP-based HDTVs, they are the ones who might have perfected it with proprietary processes like Samsung's DNIe - Digital Natural Image engine, a multi-layered image enhancement process. Their DNIe process should help smooth out compression artifacts and edge enhancements in mpeg2 images. They've also experimented in fast color wheel techniques designed to help smooth out pixilation in fast-moving images, sometimes seen as one of DLP's greatest weaknesses. Together with their suite of video enhancements Samsung hopes to turn around the perception of single-chip DLP rear projectors as being afflicted with problems like the rainbow effect and other moving image problems. The results are stunning, as Samsung has been able to play to DLP's strengths - very dense high-resolution pictures - and weed out some of its weaknesses.

Samsung doesn't just stop at DLP. There are several lines of televisions offered by Samsung using a variety of display technologies, including plasma and LCD flat-panel TVs, as well as the "Slim Fit" CRT line - the narrowest direct-view flat CRT-based televisions in the business. A 30" Slim Fit is a mere 16" deep - that's narrower than many LCD rear projectors. Samsung's projector technology includes some of the most highly rated front projectors and rear projector product lines that use both DLP and LCD rear-projection technologies.