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Sharp TVs

A Worthy Second Best in LCD Displays

Sharp is a Japanese corporation that was founded in 1912. The name comes from the invention that provided the foundation for the company: the Ever Ready Sharp mechanical pencil. Hayakawa Tokuji invented this modern pencil in 1915. Sharp's pencil enterprise was shaken up by the great Kanto Earthquake in 1923, forcing Sharp to move to Osaka where they would make radios.

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Sharp is credited with the designing of Japan’s first radios in 1925. In 1953, Sharp began production of Japan’s first television sets. Sharp also has been credited as the manufacturer of the first transistor calculator (1964). In 1973, the company made its first groundbreaking foray into the LCD sector by producing the first LCD calculator. Sharp has continued to emphasize LCD technologies it was instrumental in bringing to the world. Sharp has produced solar panels, copiers, microwaves, projectors, and cash registers. Additionally, Sharp makes computer chips, CMOS, flash memory, and CCD sensors. Sharp says its corporate mission is "Sincerity and Creativity," a philosophy they have successfully worked into their business and customer-service strategies.

The renowned Aquos line of LCD televisions is among the finest made today. Sharp’s commitment to quality in the LCD display market is second to none. Today, Sharp is one of the top television manufacturers in the world. However, long before LCD was common in televisions, Sharp had little to brag about in the CRT market. Sharp generally occupied the lower end of the product scale. Today, Sharp still makes a lot of budget quality TVs, but its focus has expanded to include mid to high range electronic goods.

Sharp has much to offer with its mastery of LCD technology. Unlike many LCD TV manufacturers, if you’re purchasing an LCD panel made by Sharp, the panel itself is also produced in-house. As a world-class producer of TFT LCD display material, Sharp supplies many others with their LCD products. Sharp has a line of large LCD panels that come available in several sizes, reaching 65." These LCD panels are capable of 1080P-- the very latest display technology with a true resolution of 1920x1080. Sharp Aquos was due to be the largest production LCD television at 65" until Korean rival Samsung surpassed it with its own 82" model.

The Aquos line of televisions seems to place a lot of emphasis on the audio system. Most systems use an audio source outside the TV itself. Sharps digital amplifier technology, which has been built into the Aquos line, will ensure that its customers are getting a highly efficient audio quality using virtual Dolby Digital processing. The bottom line on Sharp is that they’ve become a world-class television manufacturer. Although Sharp does not have as strong a reputation in the television industry as Sony, Hitachi, or Mitsubishi, you can’t go wrong with any of Sharp’s LCD panels.


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