Streaming DVD's to your XBox360 - Part 2

MPEG2 to Media Extender

Frame Selection

We’ll move right along, but, if you’ve landed here and don’t know what the heck is going on, it might help to check the first part of our tutorial at Windows XP Media Center and Xbox360.

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Locating the individual files for each episode can be a challenge. DVD Shrink lists them under "Main Movie." If you have to you can resort to selecting each one and use the "Crop" feature to get a quick preview. When you’re backing up a single movie from a DVD, you won’t face this added challenge. The "Crop" function is a great way to remove content that you don’t want in the movie.

Compression Settings

The "Compression Settings" tab will allow you to disable compression. Don’t forget to uncheck unwanted soundtracks or subtitles. You won’t get DTS streaming to the Xbox360 so forget about it. The audio will be provided by Dolby Digital, unless you can email me a way to do something different. I’ll update this tutorial if someone can explain to me how.

Target Device

It will not matter if you let the software create a VIDEO_TS subdirectory, we’ll be doctoring the whole thing anyway. Once the decrypter is finished, you’ll get the following:

Video Folder

This directory’s content is great for a DVD, but we don’t want it. It’ll play back on Media Center as a DVD, but will not stream to Xbox360, even after renaming the .VOB file .MPG.


Get rid of everything that isn’t our .VOB. Now, rename the .VOB file something more descriptive. For this we’ll just name it after the Sin City episode. Change the extension from .VOB to .MPG.

Xbox 360

The result should be a Media Connect compatible MPG file ready to stream to Xbox360.

Sin City Stream

Find an image you want to represent the movie or episode. Name the image "folder.jpg," and place it alongside your MPG file in a directory.

Upon completion of these steps each episode will reside in a separate folder. Each episode will be located in a "Sin City Recut" folder and placed along side the other movies and videos in your media collection.

My Videos

On Xbox360 bring up Windows Media Center and use the remote (or wireless game controller) to select Videos.

Video Collection

Here is what a typical video collection might look like. No more waiting for Beastmaster to show up on HBO. With DVD Shrink, I can cut out all the parts of Beastmaster that don’t have Tanya Roberts and NIN videos previously hidden on a concert DVD by cryptic combinations are now easy to access.

Making thumbnails of the graphic novel’s cover art is easy to do and gives the menus a nice touch.

Sin City

Now, we have an uncompressed DVD movie with the original 5.1 soundtrack and video quality of the original disc--no sloppy transcoding or compression to sully the image and sound quality

Your Xbox360 and Windows Media Center will now stream DVD video, so you can live happily ever after in entertainment bliss. Next, we’ll take a look at the sticky issue of wireless networking in our final installment: Xbox360 Wireless Extender.

The End