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TiVo opens a web of possibilities

The competition for TiVo is getting fierce. Facing the constant pressure from cable and satellite personal video recorder services has driven TiVo to the brink of bankruptcy. But they've been a resilient company by offering their customers clever new features that allow their digital recording service to stay a step ahead.

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In November 2005 TiVo announced a collaborative effort with Yahoo to present web content through their PVR service. The greatest achievement through the Yahoo/TiVo service will be the ability to program your digital video recorder through the web using your Yahoo online account.

Through Yahoo's television programming information pages you can actually set your favorite shows to record. This adds a welcome dimension of flexibility to the PVR device. Yahoo services through your TiVo set top box are going to be expanded in coming months to include other Yahoo services. Photo viewer, traffic and weather information from Yahoo are just a beginning. Yahoo TV will offer even more information like show times and programming descriptions - even cast photographs and other exclusive content.

HME is the code name for TiVo's new open platform applications that will use TiVo's new broadband enabled series2 set top boxes exclusively. The complete battery of Home Media Engine applications gives Yahoo a presence in the living-room that could give them a leg up on competition of their own. Using TiVo as their client this should provide valuable content through a convenient client.

TiVo users only have to login to their computer and use www.yahoo.com to use the Yahoo service to schedule events through TiVo. Required will be a TiVo series2 set top box and a Yahoo ID.

Speculation has been made that the deal could lay the groundwork for a takeover bid from Yahoo. Nothing has been announced, but speculation across the web is that the troubled video recorder service might be willing to sell if the right deal is struck. This could give Yahoo a foot into a whole new dimension of set top box content.

Besides adding Yahoo, the TiVo services will also add podcast client. Access to Yahoo's many online services including internet radio and services like Movies Central will allow users to preview upcoming movies at the theater. These photographs are just a preview of things to come from new Yahoo and TiVo internet services.