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Yamaha is an interesting and paradoxical manufacturer. Yamaha’s product base ranges from motorcycles, to musical instruments and equipment, to IC chips. How did such a diverse combination of goods come out of one company? Yamaha Corporation’s origins date back to 1897 at which time its founder, Torakusu Yamaha, was a musical instrument craftsman. Today, Yamaha is represented by a logo that is comprised of three crossed tuning forks.

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Obviously, Yamaha’s strict attention to detail can be attributed to its roots as a manufacturer of high-quality musical instruments. This attention to detail has certainly translated to the other products it manufactures, i.e. its fine electronic equipment. Yamaha specializes in the upper-end of the mainstream electronics market. Far from being the most expensive brand, Yamaha electronics is one of the best quality products you can buy in any given price range.

When it comes to visual entertainment equipment, like their plasma TVs and video projectors, Yamaha is firmly entrenched in the higher-end category. Their 55" plasma TV is designed for those willing to spend over $10K on a television. They don’t offer a complete line of Plasma TVs, but their plasma displays are one of the best on the market. With respect to Yamaha’s projectors, they manufacture a wide range of projectors that fortunately fit a range of budgets—expensive to quasi-professional. However, the quality you get from one of the finest projectors made will turn a DVD into a theater-quality presentation.

The best electronics available go into Yamaha brand projectors. Made from the finest parts, Yamaha has both DLP and LCD front projectors that use Faroudja DCDi and Silicon Optix processors. Faroudja and Silicon Optix rank at the top of a short list of the best video processors in the world. Yamaha’s DLP technology is provided by renowned processors like HD2 DMD and DarkChip3 specializing in deepening shades of black.

However, the projectors in Yamaha’s line aren’t cheap. The most affordable is currently the LPX-510 that carries an MSRP of $5495. This is an LCD projector with a native resolution of 1280x720 for 720P and uses 3 PolySi LCD processors. The LPX-510 set the benchmark for quality, reliability, and ease of use for this price range. With its (unfiltered) 1000 ansi Lumens of brightness, it’ll project a 30" to 300" viewing area. This projector has received accolades throughout the industry, including an editor’s choice award from Audioholics.

Among the more upscale projectors from Yamaha is the DPX-1300. The DPX-1300 costs approximately $12, 495. It’s the first regular production front projector to use Silicon Optix’s HQV processor, which has been dubbed the "Hollywood Quality Video" chip. The HQV is a processor for enhancing the video quality of projectors. The DLP device on this projector is the DarkChip3 that delivers 5000:1 contrast and a brightness of 800 lumens.

If you’re looking for high-end quality electronic devices for your home theater, you can’t go wrong with a Yamaha projector. Front projector technology can look absolutely incredible when implemented correctly. Implementation includes the display device itself, but even more importantly how it’s incorporated into your home theater. Lighting and seating distance must be controlled to a far greater degree than you would with a self-enclosed front projector set or display panel. Nothing looks worse than a cheap projector with too much ambient lighting reflected onto a poor surface. Any Yamaha authorized dealer would be glad to demonstrate the perfect implementation of a front projector and demonstrate what a front projector can really do.


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