PS3 & Xbox 360 controllers

There are two kinds of people in the world. There are those with fingers suitable for delicate surgical procedures like quick crossbow action or reloading flint-lock rifles.

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Then there are those born with big clumsy butcher hands made exclusively for pulling the start cord on chainsaws or punching raw sides of beef hanging in cold storage. This isn't so much learned behavior as it is genetics; the former probably prefers the PS3's controller while the latter would do well with Microsoft's Xbox 360 device.

Included with the Playstation 3 is a single controller, which is clearly designed for smaller hands. Picking it up, you'll marvel at how light it is, and how loose the thumb sticks feel. The buttons, triggers and thumb sticks are laid out in almost identical fashion to the Xbox 360's controller. However, Sony's rendition comes with its own built-in charger. A USB cable plugs it into the PS3 console for juice, although you also get up to 30 hours of operation (according to Sony). Microsoft forces you to buy AA batteries, unless you pick up one of their battery pack/charger kits for around $30.

PS3: USB re-chargeable controllers

PS3's controller has no forced feedback, meaning you'll get no vibrations to let you know you've just taken a chainsaw across the melon. However, you do get another really cool feature – something called "sixaxis tilt functionality". That's the feature Nintendo's Wii is using, and the new element – to say the least – has everyone talking. While it's nowhere near as advanced as Nintendo's idea, Sony's implementation of the feature adds a handy dimension to Call of Duty 3 that lets you strike with the butt of your rifle when you quickly turn the controller one way or the other.

When stacking Sony's controller up against Microsoft's, neither is clearly superior; it's just a matter of the hand size you've inherited. "Sixaxis tilt" or forced feedback also have their pros and cons, but rechargeable controllers pay immediate dividends for the Playstation 3.

Xbox 360: Remote control

While on the topic of controllers, the Xbox 360 gets a point for an included remote control. Sony's PS3 controller is your only way to control DVD or Blu-ray movies, as no standard control conventions are used with the remote. The Playstation 3's face buttons (square, X, and circle) aren't intuitive when you want to reverse, skip or forward through your movie.


Bluetooth support on the PS3 could be one of the most farsighted features a console ever included. Bluetooth could prove more valuable to the PS3 than Blu-ray or HDMI. Yeah, it's a big deal.

PS3: Bluetooth peripherals

Amongst first person shooter gamers there is a rift between the console type and those who can only shoot 'em up with a PC's keyboard and a mouse. Once Sony releases a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, it will have not only fixed its horrible 'on screen keyboard' (more on that later) but also might bring aboard a fleet of new first person shooter fans. It will suddenly make real time strategy games possible on a console (unless of course, you can get used to the scheme devised by EA in the Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth II )