Sony PS3 vs Xbox 360

Head to head showdown of next gen consoles

Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360

Now that Sony has finally released Playstation 3 and Nintendo has released Wii, gamers are tearing the shrink wrap off another generation's game console format war. It's expected the struggle for market dominance will come down to Microsoft and Sony. The current bout features a few changes since the last time Microsoft challenged Sony's market space on November 15, 2001 with the North American release of the original Xbox.

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This time around Sony is the late-comer, releasing its machine a year after Microsoft.

On paper, the upper hand in processing power goes to the Playstation 3, with Sony taking a "brute force" approach by including premium options like HDMI and Blu-ray. Microsoft, on the other hand, is using what we might call "finesse", betting that less-expensive DVD and component outputs will not compromise the appeal of its Xbox 360. Both machines are capable of high definition video. Microsoft claims a new software update will allow its analogue component video output will provide 1080P for games and movies via its HD DVD add-on.

Operating System
DVD Capabilities

Now that the Playstation 3 has made its debut, we've finally been given a chance to take a look at Sony's new machine. More importantly, perhaps, we have stacked it head-to-head against the primary competition from Microsoft's Xbox 360. In this review of the PS3, we'll award points to either Sony or Microsoft based on important aspects and features, so let's mash those buttons and dig in!

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